Master the Art of Sexting

Hot sexting is like foreplay…flirty hints of what’s to come.

According to researchsexting has a unique upside: Sending naughty texts to your partner is a fun yet sexy way of connecting on a deeper level.  BUT, it can also build your confidence, strengthen your bond, and allow you to explore new ways to express yourself.  That’s a win-win all around!

Whether you’re just hooked up or have been a couple for a long time, a little sext here and there is a fun way to keep things exciting and fresh.

Although sexting seems simple enough, it is quite a broad concept—so what exactly does the term encompass? Does sexting mean dick pics? A slew of peach and eggplant emojis?

We’re happy to confirm that “sexting” includes pretty much all of the above and can be defined as sending any sexual material via cell phone, email, or whatever tickles your fancy.

This means emojis, lingerie photos, and super descriptive paragraphs about what you’d like to do to your partner when they get home after a long day all fall under the sexting category.

If like many others, you’ve ever sent a sext that felt so embarrassing, you may have thrown out the idea with your old flip phone. But truth be told, there’s no need to try to think up some X-rated smut or presume that you need to have the linguistic prowess of Christian Grey to sext.

Instead, use language you’re comfortable with to flirt and tease your partner. And if you’re struggling with a prompt, draw from the good ol’ memory bank recollecting sexy past memories or where you like to be touched, and take it from there.

Now before we get into what you should be sending your partner, there are a few important things you should remember before you press send.

The Seven Sexy Sexting Rules

Implement these tips (or rules) and you’ll definitely up your sexting A-game

Get creative and paint a picture 

Of the entire process, getting started may be the most daunting part. So, take your time and draw inspiration from your surroundings, describing what you’re wearing, doing, or what you’d like to do later.

And, if where you are or what you’re doing isn’t terribly exciting—exaggerate a little!  So instead of reading a book in your pajamas, you could be “nude in bed” 😉  Your partner will be none the wiser, and you’ll be able to ease into dirty talk after that.

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